3 Top Signs That Show That A Person Is Dating A Wrong Partner

Adukwu, Paul Abah
2 min readFeb 13, 2022


Some people have been living life thinking that their partners love them the way they love theirs. Some people are good pretenders and they can fully fool their partners without their spouses noticing it in the first place.

A person can give you more love and attention at the time he or she is hoping to get something from you. Having been achieve it, you can never tell what exactly is in the person’s mind because people’s minds are difficult to read but some indicators can be of help sometimes.

Now, this article is to help you know something that you never thought would happen. Have you ever imagined that your partner can deny you in public? Check out these signs to know more. An individual who denies you in public will:

1. Never introduce you to his or her friends

As you all know, friends sometimes help to strengthen a relationship. They need to be there to give directions on what you should do.
Now, a problem comes in when the person is avoiding the fact that his or her friends shouldn’t know you. It is an indication that the person is denying you in public and doesn’t want his or her friends to know you. In that case, the person does not Love you.

2. Most time not picking his or her partner’s calls with a smile

This can be done when the person is alone or at a far distance from the partner. To check the person’s behaviour on receiving your calls, you can set up an unknown person to your partner who would be with your partner at the time of several calls to help you find out the partner’s mood as regard your calls.

3. Never show up on local dates

The enjoyable part of a relationship is being able to go out for dates regularly. At least it makes you create memories.

Now, a problem comes in when a person only wants to go out with you on far distance dates. Like, the person will truly show up on a date that is in another city but will never show up on a date that is in his or her city. That is a sign that the person doesn’t want people to know that both of you are close….in that case, you are required to open your eyes because time is just being wasted.

Just let the person go because high chances are that the person is not interested in you. For more information, read more via https://selar.co/m/BBIOnlineStore

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