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9 Practical Signs Your Relationship Is Heading For Marriage

Adukwu, Paul Abah
3 min readApr 18, 2022


Sometimes, It can be hard to tell if the X and Y relationship is heading for marriage. Some spouses may want to be in a relationship for a long time without a serious conversation about marriage whereas serious partners certainly don’t want to waste their time in marriage. Below are some clear signs your spouse might be the one:

1. Your spouse often references the future with you.

The singlehood is no longer his or her mind. He thinks something like planning a vacation, purchasing a home, and other necessities. Also, always communicating in both words and behaviours that we have a future together

2. Always seek an important opinion from you.

Things are no longer viewed only by your spouse alone. They seek out an opinion from each other like: If anyone is offered a job in another state or if anyone has lost a job. How do we cope with such a situation? That becomes a discussion for both and not a personalized issue.

3. The Partner is always welcome at both family gatherings..

It seems like a natural fit. It’s a bonus if his or her mother always asks if you’re coming and is disappointed if you aren’t.

4. Your spouse is still around even though you have hit a few rough patches.

Maybe you lost your job, experienced an extended illness, or broke your leg. Your partner was right there with emotional support. He maybe even offered financial support which, of course, you didn’t collect it but that made you feel secure.

5. Your spouse believes in marriage and is not fearful of making such a life-long commitment.

It’s an optimistic sign if the partner has a positive attitude towards intimacy and commitment. If the partner is thinking about marriage, he won’t jump in or rush, but at the same time is more than willing to take the risk on love if it feels right.

6. Your partner has a lot in common with you including a few weird or quirky things.

She might have a similar sense of humor or a particular habit that you both do. It seems as if you both get each other.

7. Your spouse is willing to share life with you.

Emotional dependency is a natural progression of every close relationship. People tend to rely on one another in moments of sorrow and happiness. Because you care about each other, her emotional well-being is your priority, and yours is of paramount importance to him as well. What makes her happy makes you happy, and vice versa. If your emotional language is easily discerned by the person and you can interpret his or her non-verbal cues without difficulty, that is a clear sign.

8. Your partner is willing to work on his or her character.

This can be achieved when your spouse has willingness to help others, ability to forgive, and being ready to follow basic etiquettes of life.

9. There is always a balance in the spiritual component.

In a relationship, if partners do not align in spirit, that relationship is in futility. Spiritual alignment in a relationship is paramount for the fact that it shows the physical well-being of that relationship. It is far more than what we see. It is the spiritual compactness of two persons agreeing with each other
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Photo by Osarugue Igbinoba on Unsplash



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