How Smith Chose His Wife

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This article shows how Mr Smith selected his wife. When he was interviewed on why he chose Mrs Brandy over others. He said: “love is not all about money, it centres mostly on insecurity.”

Under him, “Insecurity” is what a man has seen in a lady that he wouldn’t easily get from other ladies.

To narrow it down, during his courting time, he had about eleven ladies just for wife selection. Among all, Brandy seemed to have matched him because she had what Smith could not get from her competitors. She was not the overall best among her competitors. She didn’t have all the qualities Smith was looking for but she had something Smith liked most but others could not afford it.

The following could be one of the ways you can become one.

Nr.1 Becoming the person you desire to marry

Everyone has an ideal picture of a spouse, he or she wants to Marry. There is no doubt we can be inspired by living examples of thriving marriages, but the truth is marriage takes determined efforts. Everyone who desires to marry a loyal, committed, loving, kind, and compassionate spouse, should aim at becoming one.

One of the things you need to factor in about finding the right person to marry is that life is better spent with someone who accepts you the way you are and inspires you to become a better version of yourself.

Nr.2 Bringing out the Best

The key to spotting the right person to marry is to be with someone who brings out the best in you.

How do you know? If your partner is your inspiration to becoming a better version of yourself and if being around the person makes you want to work on your inadequacies and follies, then you have found the right person.

Nr.3 Be willing to share life

Emotional dependency is a natural progression of every close relationship. partners tend to rely on one another in moments of sorrow and happiness. Because you care about each other, their emotional well-being is your priority, and yours is important to him or her as well.

In addition, what makes him happy makes you happy, and vice versa. If your emotional language is easily seen by the person and you can interpret his or her non-verbal cues without difficulty, this might be a way. For more information, navigate via:

Nr.4 Be willing to work on character

While on the quest to choose the right person to marry, you must exhibit the character traits of a decent human being like willingness to help others, compassion, ability to forgive, and politeness.

Nr.5 Through balancing in the spirit realm

In a relationship, if partners do not align in spirit, that relationship is in futility.

Spirit alignment in a relationship is paramount because it shows the physical well-being of that relationship. It is far more than what we see. spirit alignment is the spirit compactness of two persons that would be manifesting in the physical realm.


Love is a virtue. It is an attractive force that can’t be seen…it is based on respect, care, and trust.

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