11 Sure Tips To Revitalize A Dying Relationship

Adukwu, Paul Abah
3 min readNov 9, 2021

Not all relationships survive the test of time and there will always be moments when you would feel the need to finally give up and let go. Moreover, it’s not also that easy to just drop everything and leave because you’re talking about something that once made you the happiest person in the world — so if partners are facing a heartbreaking dilemma between staying and saying goodbye, this article does all it to revive a dying relationship.

Here are the ways this article can restore happiness to a dying relationship:

1. Take a break but don’t say goodbye.

Don’t give up on your relationship as long as both of you love each other because there will always be a rainbow after every storm. We need a break from everything. Take all the time that you need — both of you to take a break.

Trying to fix an almost broken relationship can be emotionally taxing and sometimes it can even affect you physically. You deserve to breathe — and remember that at the end of this remedy, you have someone to come home to.

2. Talk about it and be honest with each other.

What went wrong? Whatever happened to your promises of love and expressions of affection? Talk to each other. Communicate, be honest, and be truthful about how you feel. Tell them when they hurt and don’t be scared to do so.

Just go on and ask the questions that have been bothering you all this time. What triggered the current downfall?

3. Remember why you love them.

You were once the happiest person in the world because you’ve finally met your soulmate — the love of your life.

4. Take the good parts and learn from the bad.

You must learn the lessons from all these. Although both of you want to fix this and make the pain go away, it’s not a wise thing to forget and just let go of the faults that contributed to this situation. Recognize that you both are responsible for what happened and try your best not to repeat the same mistakes.

5. Don’t let anger do the talking.

Every relationship is fragile and negativity can have the ability to break an already weak relationship. Anger, for instance, is one of the factors that can instantly and surely kill a relationship. Try your best not to accommodate and entertain this negativity.

7. Consider spending time apart.

When it’s that bad, you can try to consider the option of being physically away from each other. Sometimes distance can remind you of the things that you have taken for granted. Distance will also make you realize what it would feel like to live a life without them.

8. Seek advice from others who made it.

Listen to the stories of others who made it work. Of course, their situation can be different from yours but you can always gain something from the experiences of others.

9. Don’t let other people make the decisions for you.

In connection to the previous section, you have to remember that it is you and only you who should make the final decision. You should always remember that your feelings and your thoughts should be the basis of every choice that you make. For more information, browse via: https://selar.co/m/BBIOnlineStore

10. Be kind to each other.

Kindness can do a lot especially if you’re trying to revive a dying relationship. Remember that both of you have been hurt and the best way to support each other is to just be kind and gentle. Let kindness comfort your soul and slowly heal your broken hearts.

11. Choose a time to have a happy moment together.

Schedule a time to go out together, visiting any tourist centres or amusement parks will be helping to seal your feelings and thoughts together. Leave everything that hurts and just live your life to the fullest. Do this together as if it’s your last day on earth.

Final words

The dearest reader believes in the power of love and holds on to the promise of better days. Once you last this seemingly endless storm, you’ll rise together, stronger and nothing can ever break you apart again.


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