Humility And Relationship


This article teaches that humans are all just ordinary specks of dust in the eyes of the universe. In a relationship, a humble partner has realized that nothing belongs to anyone.

Some people see themselves being superior to others
as they become arrogant about their achievements, it takes only a second to lose what they have and eliminate their existence.

We have the same life because we found that our inner selves are what we have. We start to focus on our inner abilities than the outer material achievements; the people who feel complete within them are always strong. For more information, browse via

Bottom line
Lastly, we are mere specks of dust in the universe since nothing belongs to anybody. Never feel you are superior to anyone inspite of what you have achieved.

Photo by Soheil Kmp on Unsplash



Adukwu, Paul Abah

Paul has a passion for information and learning new stuff. His interest is on knowing why humans' thoughts are differing in relationships.